High School Weightlifting

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Tell Wyrick
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Dave Taylor

I work with High School and Middle School athletes during the summer strength and conditioning program.

Game Schedule: 
Feb. 19West Franklin Powerlifting Meet
Team Awards: 

As a team, the High School Men's Division finished 12th out of 20 teams and our Junior Division team finished 5th out of 20 teams. This was a very competitive meet with 400-450 lifters participating. We had several individuals that placed individually in their weight class and their results are listed below.

Men's Division

Reece Criger- 1st Squat, 2nd Bench, 1st Clean, 2nd Overall

Women's Division

Desi Uber- 3rd Bench

Junior Division

Trezz Rogers- 1st Squat, 1st Bench, 2nd Clean, 1st Overall

Corey Whitcomb- 1st Squal, 1st Bench, 2nd Clean, 1st Overall

Jake Eitel- t-3rd Clean

Kason Siemans- t-3rd Clean

Zach Vanatta- t- 2nd Squat

Paden Griffiths- t-2nd Bench, t-2nd Clean

Layne Gonzalez- 3rd Squat, t-2nd Bench, 3rd Clean, 3rd Overall